Divorce & Family Law Solicitors

The breakdown of a relationship whether involving children and / or property can be stressful. We at Edwards Solicitors are sympathetic but professional in our approach to assist you in resolving these issues.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all marriages are successful. When a relationship breaks down it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to dissolve the marriage or to obtain a formal decree of judicial separation.

If there are children of the family under 18 the Court must be satisfied that proper arrangements are being made for their welfare.

A fair division of the family assets, including the matrimonial home, must be worked out. In the majority of cases this is achieved by negotiations between solicitors and agreement between the parties. Negotiation and agreement is encouraged, rather than a confrontational approach, in the application of principles of matrimonial law to the circumstances of each individual case.

We can handle all types of matrimonial problems from simple divorces to those with complex financial and other losses.